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"1979 - 1991" (or also called "Dead or Alive Fan Club 1979-1991 Video") It is a video of two hours, where several videos and interviews about the Dead or Alive band are compiled from its beginnings until 1991 (as it says in the title). This home video was never published publicly and officially, however, it was sold only to fans and members of the defunct Dead or Alive fan club from England.

This home video was produced by Steve Coy, together with a small audiovisual company called Cha Cha Films.

The cover was designed by Darren Mitchell, who was a member of that club. Only a few VHS copies were sold.


This video contains performances of the band for television, some music videos, an interview with Pete Burns that they did during the 1984 tour.

In addition, it contains a complete recording of one of the performances in Japan during the "Fan the Flame Tour". Recording that was made by one of the tour staff members with a handheld camera.

Part of that recording was converted into audio to be later included in the single "Gone 2 Long" which was released that same year.

Track listing:

  1. Flowers (Celebration Rock 1980)
  2. It's Been Hours Now (Exchange Flags 1982)
  3. Misty Circles (Razzmataz 1983)
  4. Live at the Dominion Theatre, London 1984
  5. I'd Do Anything (Music Video)
  6. That's The Way (I Like It) [Top of The Pops 1984]
  7. Something in My House (Razzmataz 1987)
  8. I'll Save You All My Kisses (Music Video)
  9. Brand New Lover (12" Version Video)
  10. Turn Around and Count 2 Ten (12" Version Video)
  11. Come Home (With Me Baby) [12" Version Video]
  12. Fan the Flame - Live in Japan (Aichi-Ken Gym, Nagoya - 29th November, 1990)
  13. Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Music Video]




Full 1991 Dead Or Alive Fan Club VHS Tape