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"1981 Tour" (yet unnamed) is the first tour made by the English band Dead or Alive. It was actually considered (apart from tour) as a series of small concerts held in 1981 to promote the release of the singles "I'm Falling," "Number Eleven" and "It's Been Hours Now." The tour would continue in 1982 but under the name of "Bet On Alive Tour".

Dates & Places:[]

Not much is known about the dates of this tour. At the moment it is known that only 5 concerts were made in various parts of England. (Source: Setlist Wikia)

  • February 16 - Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, ENGLAND
  • April 15 - Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, ENGLAND
  • April 26 - Tiffany's, Scunthorpe, ENGLAND
  • May 24 - Valentino's Club, Edinburgh, ENGLAND
  • July 4 - Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, ENGLAND


  1. Namegame
  2. I'm Falling
  3. Number Eleven
  4. Nowhere To Nowhere
  5. Don't Tell Me
  6. Whirlpool
  7. Girlsong
  8. The Day The Music Died (in some concerts)
  9. Fire (in some concerts)
  10. Drug Train (in some concerts)
  11. Running Wild
  12. I'm on Fire
  13. Buddah in Me (in some concerts)
  14. Candles In The Rain
  15. Couldn't Care Less
  16. Jungly (in some concerts)
  17. Flowers