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"Disco in Dream Tour" is the fifth tour of the English band Dead or Alive from the year 1989 as support to the show of Kylie Minogue with the representation of their classical themes plus several songs from their album "Nude".

Dates & Places:[]

This 1989 tour of Japan was part of a huge festival tour with Kylie MINOGUE and Sinitta. The October 6th date was recorded and broadcast on the NHK television network in Japan. Once again Dead Or Alive were backed up by pre-recorded tapes, but some vocals and many instruments were live. A large dance troupe and a small handful of musicians also augmented the now two-man line up of Pete and Steve. A beautiful tour program and lots of related tour merchandise was sold at the various venues. There are two versions of the tour program, one features all Dead Or Alive pages, some had additional pages included for Kylie MINOGUE and Sinitta

Dates (as announced on Nude -Remade Remodelled-):

Dates City Country Venue
October 2 Nagoya Japan Rainbow Hall
October 6 Tokyo Tokyo Dome
October 7 Osaka Osaka-jou Hall
October 8

Set List:[]

  1. Come Home (With Me Baby)
  2. Baby Don't Say Goodbye
  3. Give It Back (That Love is Mine)
  4. I Don't Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  5. In Too Deep
  6. Turn Around and Count 2 Ten
  7. Brand New Lover
  8. My Heart Goes Bang [Encore in some concerts]
  9. Lover Come Back to Me [in some concerts]
  10. Get Out of My House
  11. Stop Kicking My Heart Around
  12. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)


The Band:[]

  • Pete Burns - Vocals, Glamour
  • Steve Coy - Drums, Musical Director
  • Peter Oxendale - Keyboards, Assistant Musical Director
  • B.J. Smouth - Keyboards
  • Simon Gogerly - Bass, Bass Synths
  • James Hyde - Guitar, Dancer, Backing Vocals, Ambiance
  • Gary Hughes - Dancer, Backing Vocals
  • Matt Selby - Dancer, Backing Vocals
  • Tony Griffiths - Dancer, Backing Vocals
  • Steve Agyei - Dancer, Backing Vocals

Nude Tour Staff:[]

  • John Thompson - Sound Engineer
  • Tim Weidner - Sound Engineer
  • Simon Sidi - Lighting Designer
  • Lynne Burns - Hair, Make-up, Agony Aunt
  • Peter Hogg - Court Jester, Talent Scout Portrait for Dorian Grey
  • Keith Wood - Merchandising
  • Annie Schaut - Choreographer
  • Karine Hoare - Fitness Training
  • Lynda Fletcher - Management


  • This set list was based on the TV broadcast of "Nude Live". It is likely that more songs were performed.
  • It was only aired on Japanese television, it was never released on VHS or on DVD.
  • However, only Kylie Minogue's presentation was recorded to later be published on VHS, Laserdisc (and on DVD only in Brazil) under the name "On The Go - Live in Japan".
  • There are two versions of the recording broadcast for Japanese television, one of them was simply summarized to four songs. The extended (or complete) version is rarely issued.


  • The Kylie Minogue tour continued a few weeks after the Japan introductions, but this time under the name "The Hitman Roadshow" and with dates in Europe. This time, without Dead or Alive and Sinitta.
  • This would be the first time that Peter Oxendale would be part of Dead or Alive (mainly as a support musician and later as a songwriter) after the departure of Mike Percy and Tim Lever.
  • Even though there was a promotional tour program, Dead or Alive made their own tour program known as "Nude Tour" or "Nude Live", but it is precisely to promote the Disco in Dream tour.
  • It is unknown if the band intended to continue making presentations and concerts in Europe and America to promote "Nude".
  • The dates of the performances were published in the remix album booklet "Nude - Remade Remodelled" (published only in Japan).
  • Steve Agyei (one of the dancers who participated in the tour) published a post in 2020 on his personal blog, about his experience on the tour and his time in the band with the other dancers.
  • It is one of the few tours in which the band plays live. All songs were played live, however most of the songs Pete's voice was pre-recorded for him to lip sync while dancing.
  • In the presentation that was broadcast for TV, during the song "Brand New Lover", it seems that Steve Coy has a problem or something falls from his electronic drums, he can be seen for a few seconds holding something but he fixes it immediately.
  • The songs "My Heart Goes Bang" and "Lover Come Back to Me" were played only once in some of the performances as encore. "Something in My House" is also thought to have been played once.
  • In "On The Go - Live in Japan" by Kylie Minogue, they include scenes where they record the fans waiting in line to enter the place, from which you can see some of the Dead or Alive merchandise promoting "Nude" .
  • It is said that one of the reasons why the tour did not continue with Sinitta and Dead or Alive was because Pete accused Kylie and Sinitta for having done mime during their presentations, and in turn, tried to prevent both from rehearsing at the stage. Sinitta replied, on the verge of breaking down in tears, that she has always sung live. This ended in a confrontation between the singer and Burns.




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