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"Even Better Than the Real Thing" (originally called "Ever Better Than the Real Thing 2000" in Fragile) is a promo single from Fragile, the seventh studio album from the dance music band Dead or Alive.

It was a cover that the band made of U2 single from the tribut album "We Will Follow: A Tribut to U2" (recorded in 1998, but released in 1999).

It was never released in 2000 as an album promotion, but years later, in 2007, it was released as Digital Download, while it was released on iTunes and Spotify, but was never released in CD format.

It includes some unreleased songs of the band like "Why It's So Hard" and "Pop Life".

Track listing[]

  1. Even Better Than the Real Thing
  2. Pop Life
  3. Why's It So Hard?