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"Fan the Flame (Part 2)" was going to be the sixth studio album of the English band Dead or Alive, and at the same time the second part (or continuation) of the previous studio album Fan the Flame (Part 1). It is not known exactly what year it was going to be published, but it is believed that at the beginning it was going to be released in 1991, but then it was going to be released in 1993. Of course, the second part of the album was going to be published by Epic Records.

On 2021 August 1, reports came out that the second part of Fan The Flame would be released on vinyl.

The reports were indeed true, and the second part was originally set to release on the 22th of October including unreleased material of the appropiate era.


After the good acceptance of the public in Japan after the release of the album "Fan the Flame (Part 1)", the band had confirmed in several interviews that the second part of this saga was being made, and they were also going to release those albums in Europe and the United States.

And it was not in vain, since when they made the tour "Fan the Flame Tour" in Japan, in the list of songs they presented some of the songs that were going to be in the next album before mentioned.

However, in the fall of 1992, Pete Burns would leave the band for a solo tour (not so organized) in the United States trying to promote "Fan the Flame (Part 1)". During the tour, he released his first and only studio album called "Love Pete" that was sold only in cassette format during these presentations. This cassette was about acoustic songs (on piano and keyboard) that were mostly covers of songs by other artists, including four songs by Dead or Alive, three by Fan the Flame (Part 1) and one by Fan the Flame (Part 2) .

After Pete finishes his tour, the fans of Dead or Alive published in that same year an unofficial album (pirate album) called "Fan the Flame (Part 2): The Acoustic Session", which was precisely Pete's album that It was taken without authorization to make a bootleg album. This material was released on CD, also in a limited way. Even this made believe to many fans of the band that this was the true next album of study and the second part of "Fan the Flame".

Unfortunately, thanks to this, the band decided to cancel the project. The album was recorded and finished, but never published.

Years later, in 2006, Pete Burns published his autobiography called "Freak Unique", in which part of the book tells that he is still a little angry with these fans who published the pirate album "Fan the Flame (Part 2): The Acoustic Session "and by the others who are still buying it.

With the arrival of the internet, several audios were found in poor condition, including photographs of the performance of "Fan the Flame (Part 2)". The audios were demos of some of these songs that were going to be part of the project.

On 1. August 2021, unofficial reports and online listings of the album “Fan The Flame (Part 2): The Resurrection” on vinyl were released. It was soon revealed that the project is a compilation of unreleased tracks from the 1990-94’ era. The original release date was October 22, 2021, however due to manufacturing issues, it was delayed to October 29. It comes digitally, on CD, LP, and in Double LP formats, the single LP release has an alternative artwork.

According to Amazon, there are included early versions of two later recordings that appeared on Nukleopatra In 1995.

I Want 2 B With U - the early version of Sleep With You, could previously be heard on a 92' live recording at a concert in Ohio.

U Were Meant 4 Me - early version of International Thing


As for “Fan The Flame (Part 2): The Resurrection”, the tracklist is as follows:

  1. Tonight… (The first single from the album, released on August 20, 2021)
  2. U Were Meant 4 Me (early version of "International Thing")
  3. Are U Ready 2 B Heartbroken (Presumabley a cover of the Lloyd Cole And The Commotions song "Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?")
  4. Where Is The Love
  5. I Don’t Care About Your Heart (an acoustic version was included on "Love, Pete")
  6. I Want 2 B With U (Early version of “Sleep With You”)
  7. Hurt Me (Did U Have 2 Hurt Me) (The second single from the album, released September 2021.)
  8. Extacy (Presumabley a cover of the Barry White song “I’m In Ecstasy [When You Lay Down Next To Me]")

All songs have Instrumental versions on the 2LP orange edition of the vinyl and the 2CD edition. There is a 1LP clear vinyl released with the original 8 tracks, plus 2 extended mixes of the singles and an alternative album artwork.

Bootleg mastered from the acoustic tapes "Love, Pete”. This is not the album that was intended to be released with the same title. A partial track listing for "Fan The Flame (Part II)" (as originally intended) has been compiled from various sources:

  • I Don't Care About Your Heart (Later rerecorded in the style of Nukleopatra which is known from a leaked snippet)
  • My Love's On The Line (Let Me Tell U A Secret)
  • I Want To Sleep With You/I Wanna Be With U (later recorded as "Sleep With You" for "Nukleopatra".)
  • Sex (Early version of "The Right Stuff", later released in "Nukleopatra") [feat. James Hyde]
  • I'm In Ecstasy (When You Lay Down Next To Me) (A cover of the Barry White song)
  • My Funny Valentine (a recorded version was performed at some of the 1992 concerts in the USA but it is not known if it was intended for release on the album.)
  • Unhappy Birthday (92' Remix) [A remix of "Unhappy Birthday" for this project, later an instrumental version was released as part of the Invincible box set, titled "Rockin in Instrumental"]
  • Go Motherfucker Go (Not much is known about this song if it is an instrumental, however, on some dates of Pete's 1992 tour it was played, likewise, during a presentation in Paris in 1998, it was also played as an introductory theme.)
  • We're Both In This Together [Early version of "Spend The Night Together"; demoed around 92']
  • I'm A Star (Written & Demoed around 93')
  • International Thing (Written & Demoed around 93')

In 92', a demo tape was handed out to one of the runners of a fan club. The track listing was the following:

I Don’t Care About Your Heart (Remixed Version) [Probably the version that is released in the Resurrection]

We’re Both In This Together (Early version of "Spend The Night Together")

My Love’s On The Line (Later released in the Invincible box set)

I Wanna Be With You (Early version of "Sleep with You)

Ecstasy (Barry White cover)

Unhappy Birthday (‘92 demo version) [a.k.a Rockin' in Mix]


  • Several elements of the album were transferred to the albums "Nukleopatra" (1995) and possibly in "Fragile" (2000)
  • A really curious fact is, how the fans of the band in the United States learned about the release of the album "Fan the Flame (Part 1)" in Japan and how they found out that they were going to release "Fan the Flame (Part 2)".
  • Songs that were going to be in the album like "I Want to Sleep With You" and "Sex", were included in "Nukleopatra" (1995) and with new titles that are "Sleep With You" and "The Right Stuff".
  • "I Don't Care About Your Heart" is one of the songs of the project that at least could be known. After the cancellation of the project, it was also going to be included in "Nukleopatra", but for unknown reasons they decided not to include it. In 2020, a fan of the band, through Facebook published an excerpt of the song in acapella. This version shows that it was rerecorded for "Nukleopatra", due to its speed, since Pete recorded it in a danceable way, implying that the song was not going to be a ballad.
  • Until now, the public does not know the difference between the studio album "Love Pete" and the pirate version of it.
  • There are several fan arts of what you think could be the cover of the album
  • After the release of the box set "Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI" (2016), Steve Coy said that a second part of it would be released, in which would come unpublished albums of the band including possibly "Fan the Flame (Part 2)".
  • The song "My Love's On The Line" is available through the findins of the "Invincible" box set.