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"Give it Back (That Love is Mine)" is a song by the English band Dead or Alive published on their fourth studio album Nude from 1989.

Cancelled Single Release:[]

This single was planned for release in Japan but was withdrawn for unknown reasons. No copies of this single have ever surfaced, but information on this single was taken from Japan's "Rock Show" magazine's upcoming releases column.

  • The "Extended Mix" later surfaced on the "Nude Remade, Remodelled" album.
  • The "Instru-Mental" is available on the Japanese version of "Nude".

Track listing:[]

Japanese 3" CD Single in snap pack:[]

  1. Give it Back (That Love is Mine)
  2. Give it Back (That Love is Mine) [Extended Mix]
  3. Give it Back (That Love is Mine) [Instru-Mental]