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"Glampire" was going to be the second official studio album by Pete Burns, singer and leader of the English band Dead or Alive. He pretended to be a new studio album with several new songs, launching his solo career at the same time. This album was going to be published in 2008.


After that in 2004, Pete Burns released his single in collaboration with the duo Pet Shop Boys, called "Jack & Jill Party", began to run a rumor about a new studio album by Pete Burns as a soloist. In 2008, an announcement was published on the official website of Dead or Alive ( about this new project, in which Pete had confirmed his new solo studio album together with a planned one and next world tour that same year. It was to be Pete Burns' second studio album after the release of his first cassette album "Love Pete" in 1992.

It is unknown what record company was going to be associated with the album

It also confirmed the participation and collaboration of artists such as George Michael, William Orbit, Pet Shop Boys and Dave Stewart.

But shortly after the publication, Burns declared that the project was canceled. The little that is known is that he commented in an interview that most of the material that was going to be in Glampire did not like much, and he simply decided that the album never came out, also the dates that were planned for the tour of the album had to be canceled.


It is known that some titles of the songs of this canceled project were revealed. And this is a list of the many songs that were going to be on the album:

  • "Mirrorball"
  • "You, You, You"
  • "After The Money's Gone"
  • "Honeysuckle Rose"
  • "Back In Business"
  • "The Wrong Side Of Right"
  • "It's Time For A Change Of Heart"
  • "The Art"*
  • "Let's Just Dance"*

*Most likely, it was going to be included in the album

A fragment of almost 30 seconds of "Honeysuckle Rose" was made public that same year

In 2016, the theme "The Art" was released, which was included in the boxset "Sophisticated Boom Box 2016" and was recorded with The Dirty Disco in 2008.