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"Gone 2 Long" is the second single from Fan the Flame (Part 1), the fifth studio album from the dance music band Dead or Alive (band). Original track title was "Been Gone 2 Long". Released by Epic Records in 1991 only in Japan.

A new version of this song was made for the studio album "Nukleopatra" of 1995, the same would happen with the following single "Unhappy Birthday". In that version, the lyrics change a bit and the duration of the song is slightly reduced than in the 1990 version.


Japan 3" CD:

  1. Gone 2 Long (Album Version)
  2.  Live in Nagoya, Japan 29/11/1990
  3.  Beats 2 Long

12" Promo:

  1. Gone 2 Long
  2. Total Stranger
  3. Unhappy Birthday
  4. Lucky Day