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International Chrysis was a duo formed by Pete Burns and Steve Coy in 1994. It would be registered by the PWL studios. It really is the same band "Dead or Alive", only that at that time they decided to change their name.

History & Line Up[]

An attempt to create a new identity for themselves, Pete Burns and Steve Coy re-formed their band and released one single as “International Chrysis” on Stock, Aitken and Waterman's PWL label. The single failed to chart in the UK and this identity was set aside.

They only released a single that same year with that name, and it would be "Rebel Rebel" (song by David Bowie), which would later be included in the album "Nukleopatra" (1995) and with the band name again as "Dead or Alive" "

Complications with the label forced them to leave PWL and their album project was completed as Dead Or Alive, with no distributor in the UK.

The name International Chrysis was taken from the stage name of a famous drag queen from the 1960's and 1970s.


  • Pete Burns - Vocals
  • Steve Coy - Drums