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"It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me" is a hit song by American singer Barry White. The song was written by Ekundayo Paris and Nelson Pigford, and arranged by Barry White. Released from his album "Barry White Sings for Someone You Love" (1977)

The English band "Dead or Alive" would make their own version (or cover), which was to be included in the canceled album "Fan the Flame (Part 2)". On a solo tour in America in 1992, Pete Burns himself performed this cover.

With the release of “Fan The Flame (Part 2): The Resurrection”, the song came out of the vault as ‘Extacy’.


Quite apart from the original version of Barry White, the version made by Dead or Alive contains a more synth pop sound.

The cover was most likely recorded around 1990 as part of the Fan the Flame Recording Sessions. The song is 4 minutes long.

Unlike the Barry White version (which is called ‘It’s Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next To Me’), the cover is entitled ‘Extacy’.

Throughout the song, you can audibly hear clips, most likely taken from a movie, like “Something In My House”. It also contains a fragment of the lyrics from "Hooked On Love", which would also be repeated on "The Right Stuff".



Pete Burns Ecstacy LIVE 1992