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"Let's Just Dance" (maybe it was going to be called "You're Everything I'll Ever Want") is a song composed by Pete Burns, vocalist of the English band Dead or Alive. It was going to be a simple as a preview of a possible new studio album as a soloist. It was recorded in 2006


After the triumphant return of Pete Burns to the press (and fame as well), to recover from his plastic surgery accident on his lips in 2004, he decides to participate in the Celebrity Big Brother reality show in 2006. At that time, it is published a remastered version of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)". Also, he decides to return to his singing career with a new song.

The song entitled "Let's Just Dance" was performed with DJ and music producer Paul Masterson, and was presented as a scoop in an interview on the Unspun program. There is not much information about this, but for now it is known that what would be an unfinished demo of the song was leaked on the Internet. Perhaps, it was a work not concluded at the time, or perhaps it was completed but never published.



Pete Burns - Let's Just Dance (Full Track HQ) 2019