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"Never Marry an Icon" is a song by Pete Burns recorded with the group "The Dirty Disco". It was published on September 3, 2010 only in digital download and only by iTunes. Released by BriStar Records. The song was never chosen for the UK Chart, and is one of the last singles of Pete Burns. He is even the most representative in his solo career.

For many, they consider it practically as their last song many years before passing away.

The song (along with the vocals and instrumental stems) was featured on Dead or Alive’s Fragile (Deluxe Edition), and it was accredited under the name of "Pete Burns V.S. The Dirty Disco"

Track listing:[]

Digital Download (File, AAC, 128):[]

  1. Never Marry an Icon

Digital Download (File, AAC, 256):[]

  1. Never Marry an Icon

Digital Download (File, MP3, 256):[]

  1. Never Marry an Icon

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Pete Burns - Never Marry An Icon OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO