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"Rebel Rebel" is a song originally by David Bowie, released in 1974 as a single from the album Diamond Dogs. Later in 1994, Dead or Alive (at that time with the name "International Chrysis") would record its own version. The Dead or Alive version would never be chosen for any UK chart.

Track listing:[]


  1. Rebel Rebel (Single Mix)
  2. The Right Stuff


  1. Rebel Rebel (Single Mix)
  2. Rebel Rebel (The Hole Mix)
  3. Rebel Rebel (Safe Hands Remix)
  4. The Right Stuff


[c] & [p] 1994 PWL International Ltd.

“Rebel Rebel”: Composed by David BOWIE Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd. / Chrysalis Music Ltd.

“The Right Stuff” : Composed by Pete BURNS / Steve COY / Zeb JAMESON Published by Burning Music Ltd. / Warner Chappell Ltd.

Produced by International Chrysis Co-produced and engineered by Barry STONE Mixed by Les SHARMA Remixed by Safe Hands

Recorded and mixed at PWL the hit factory Mastered by Transfermation Design by Andie AIRFIX at Satori Distributed by Warner Music (UK) Ltd. Marketed by PWL.

Dedicated to Courtney LOVE

International Chrysis Hotline: P.O. Box 387, Reading RG3 7EW, England



International Chrysis - Rebel Rebel (Music Video)