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Rip It Up Live is the video release by Dead or Alive featuring almost an entire concert from their 1987 "Rip It Up Tour". The film footage was recorded at two shows at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan on 9 October and at Osaka's Osaka-jō Hall on 11 October 1987, and it was released on video cassette (VHS) and Laserdisc.

In 1988, was released an UK VHS edition, and includes the music video of Turn Around and Count 2 Ten (a promo for Dead Or Alive's 1989 album Nude).

The concert was eventually issued as bonus material for the first time on DVD as part of the 2003 compilation release called Evolution: The Videos.

In 2016, itwas issued again on DVD in the anthology boxset Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI.

It is known to date, as the only live video that the band published.

Track listing[]

1st Release (Europe, Japan, USA) (VHS, Betamax, 12" Laserdisc) (1988):

  1. Hooked On Love
  2. My Heart Goes Bang
  3. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  4. Lover Come Back To Me
  5. Brand New Lover
  6. I'll Save You All My Kisses
  7. In Too Deep
  8. Something In My House
  9. Come Inside
  10. Son Of A Gun
  11. I'll Save You All My Kisses (Encore)

2nd Release (Europe only) (1989):

  1. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (7" Mix Video)
  2. Hooked On Love
  3. My Heart Goes Bang
  4. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  5. Lover Come Back To Me
  6. Brand New Lover
  7. I'll Save You All My Kisses
  8. In Too Deep
  9. Something In My House
  10. Son Of A Gun
  11. Come Inside
  12. I'll Save You All My Kisses (Encore)


[c] 1988 CBS / Sony Group Inc.

[p] 1988 CBS / Sony Group Inc.

All songs written by Dead Or Alive

“The ultimate Dead Or Alive concert extravaganza. Filmed before sell-out crowds in Tokyo and Osaka. Non-stop stimulation from the masters of high energy!"

For mature audiences (15+)

This video is dedicated to the memory of Eva Maria Bettina BURNS 1913-1987. Never forgotten, always loved.




Dead Or Alive - Hooked on Love (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor) -Live In Japan-


Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) -Live In Japan-


Dead Or Alive - Lover Come Back (To Me) -Live In Japan-


Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - I'll Save You All My Kisses (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - In Too Deep (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - Something in My House (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - Come Inside (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - Son of A Gun (Live In Japan)


Dead Or Alive - I'll Save You All My Kisses (Reprise) -Live In Japan-