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"Rip it Up Tour" was the fourth tour made by the English band "Dead or Alive". The tour was made in 1987 and the reason for the tour is for the release of their third studio album "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know" and their first compilation album "Rip It Up".

Dates & Places:[]

Autumn 1987 saw Dead Or Alive on the road in America and Japan promoting the "I'll Save You All My Kisses" single as well as recording a live video album to be released in 1988. Sell-out crowds in both countries were greeted with a highly choreographed, tight show, but the set relied almost entirely on backing tapes with only musical "flourishes" performed live. The 4-piece band was joined onstage by a duo of male dancers who mimed guitar and backing vocal parts. The entire set was included on the home video.

In this tour the band visits Puerto Rico, and that was the only Spanish-speaking country the band visited and the only Spanish-speaking country included in the tour.

There were a few warm up dates in New York with a slightly different set list- gone are "In Too Deep" and "Come Inside", and different versions of "Brand New Lover" and "My Heart Goes Bang" were used.

These are some of the dates (probably all) of the tour:

Date City Country Venue
North America (1st leg)
July 22 Dallas United States Starck Club
July 30 Houston NRG Club
August 5 Miami 1235 The Nightclub
August 6
August 7 New York City The Saint
October 2 Tokyo Japan NHK 102 Studio

[TV Performance]

October 3 Osaka Osaka-jou Hall
October 4 Nagoya Rainbow Hall
October 7 Tokyo "Yoru no Hit Sutajio"

[TV Performance]

October 8 Nippon Budokan
October 9
October 11 Osaka Osaka-jou Hall
North America (2nd leg)
October 27 Los Angeles United States The Palace
October 28
October 30 San Francisco Gift Center Pavilion
October 31 Los Angeles The Palace
November 3 Seattle Oz Nightclub
November 5 Pittsburgh Syria Mosque
November 7 Chicago Riviera Theatre
November 8
Central America/Caribbean leg
November 10 San Juan Puerto Rico Estadio Hiram Bithorn
North America (3rd leg)
November 12 ??? United States LI Malibu
November 14 Sag Harbor Bay Street Theater
November ?? New York City 1018 Club
November 16 Providence ????
November ?? Detroit Todd's

Set List:[]

Rip It Up Tour:[]

  1. Intro (My Heart Goes Bang - Slow Version)
  2. Hooked On Love
  3. My Heart Goes Bang
  4. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  5. Lover Come Back To Me
  6. Brand New Lover
  7. I'll Save You All My Kisses
  8. In Too Deep
  9. Something In My House
  10. Come Inside
  11. Son Of A Gun
  12. I'll Save You All My Kisses (Encore)
  13. What I Want (Encore) [in some Japan concerts]
  14. Adagio for Strings (Slow Version) [Outro]

TV Performances:[]

  1. Brand New Lover
  2. Something in My House
  3. I'll Save You All My Kisses
  4. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)


  • A bootleg video of this tour from an unknown date during the US leg of the tour is in circulation. This bootleg does not include sound.
  • Film footage was recorded at two shows at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan on 9 October and at Osaka's Osaka-jō Hall on 11 October 1987, and released on video cassette (VHS) and Laserdisc that same year under the title Rip It Up Live!
  • Budokan's concert had another filming that was presented only for Japanese television, recorded from different parts of the place. The only segment that was presented was the first part of the show along with "Hooked on Love".
  • Most likely, there are concert audios (recorded by fans) of the tour of the United States.

Tour Credits:[]

The Band:[]

  • Pete Burns - Vocals
  • Steve Coy - Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Mike Percy - Bass, Keyboards
  • Tim Lever - Keyboards, Guitars Sequencer
  • Adam Perry - Dancer, Backing Vocals
  • James Hyde - Dancer, Backing Vocals

Rip It Up Tour Staff:[]

  • Lynne Burns - Pete’s personal assistant / Wardrobe / Hair / Make-up
  • Mark Langley - Out Front Sound Mix
  • John Thompson - On Stage Sound Mix:
  • Bruno Tonioli - Choreographer
  • Chris Morrison - President
  • Martin Backer - Executive officer (1st assistant to CM)
  • Royal Botty Wiper John “Dainty” Salter - Tour Manager
  • Linda Fletcher - Personal assistants to the band: DI ~ Vidos (on tour)

Japanese Staff (Kyodo Tokyo Inc.):[]

  • Saburo Arashida - President
  • Kathryn Matsumura - Producer
  • Shigehiro Nishi - Assistant Producer
  • Kazuo Kato - Stage Director


  • It is said that in one of the recordings that were made in Japan of that tour, after the concert was over, the people were enraged (probably because they realized that the band supposedly did "playback" and Pete did "lip-sync" throughout the concert) they started throwing chairs on stage
  • The possibility that the band has used playback (in sounds and voices, with the exception of percussion) throughout the tour, and that Pete's vocals in the songs were pre-recorded remains doubtful. It is said that the press questioned Pete of having used playback tapes during the "Youthquake Tour", but it was found to be false, everything was live.
  • Finally and effectively, several sounds were playback, with the exception of some things such as percussion (drums by Steve Coy), some synthesizer sounds (by Tim Lever) and bass (by Mike Percy). Pete's voice in almost all the songs were pre-recorded, but some did live. Electronic guitars were never played live (by dancers Adam Perry and James Hyde).
  • One of the concerts in Japan (Rip It Up Live!), After having concluded the show, Pete receives a call from the United Kingdom informing him about the unfortunate death of his mother, something that left him impacted and depressed. That is why at the end of the video (after the credits) it says in white letters the following: "This video is dedicated to the memory of Eva Maria Bettina BURNS 1913-1987. Never forgotten, always loved."
  • The dates of the performances in Japan, apart from being announced by the press, were announced in some releases of the band such as the single "I'll Save You All My Kisses", on the album "Rip It Up" and some editions from "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know"
  • The tour was reportedly going to continue the following year, in 1988. It is not known exactly which countries they were going to play that year, but in the end nothing came up (According to Only the band took a break of several months and then record what would be the next studio album (Nude)



DEAD OR ALIVE full concert The Palace, Los Angeles October 28, 1987