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"Something In My House" is a song by Dead or Alive, extracted as the second single from the 1987 album Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. Like the album, the song was also produced by the famous Stock, Aitken & Waterman.

Although it could not enter the top 10 of the United Kingdom, the song is one of the most "famous by the critics" of gothic tones more pronounced, the cover of the album represents Pete Burns, in front of a dark altar.

In addition, also on a single disc, a 12 "version of the song was released, the so-called" Mortevicar Mix ", which contained a sample of a dialogue section of the soundtrack of the movie The Exorcist.

Even the video clip was not saved by critics: establishing in a "semi-horror" climate, it was even censored, due to a series of pictures in which Pete was peeling a banana (clearly ambiguous and doubtful sexuality message refers to singer).

In the year 2000, the song was re-recorded for their seventh studio album "Fragile", in which two versions would be made that differ only in duration.

Chart performance:[]

Founded chart in Spanish, but not in English:


Track listing:[]

UK 7":[]

Side A:[]

  1. Something in My House

Side B:[]

  1. D.J. Hit That Button

UK 12" 'Mortevicar Mix':[]

Side A:[]

  1. Something in My House (Mortevicar Mix)
  2. Something in My House (Flamenco Version)

Side B:[]

  1. D.J. Hit That Button


The video is about Steve Coy (the drummer of the band) walking with a lamp of fire a terrifying forest, while walking, thunder and lightning, in turn appear wolves roaming the area. It was not like that until finding an abandoned castle (paying tribute to Count Dracula).

Meanwhile, Pete is at a table with a delicious feast singing, or sometimes appears seated on a piano. On the other hand, Steve, Mike and Tim start playing their instruments.

  • The original video was edited for UK and USA, but the 3 minute version sounds.
  • 12" Version- unique edit from the "Mortevicar Mix", with 7" outro tacked on to end
  • 12" Naughty XXX Mix, includes footage from the movies "The Trilogy Of Terror" and "The Exorcist", may be a bootleg
  • Porno version, plays to the Naughty XXX Mix, includes footage from various X-rated films. Bootleg

Dead Or Alive - Something in My House


DEAD OR ALIVE Something In My House (12'' Version)


  • The sleeve and the video of “Something In My House” are inspired by some scenes in the imaginary castle of the movie: very dim rooms with candelabras held by human hands, human faces on the mantelpiece of the fire place…
  • The artwork of “Something In My House” and “Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know” are largely inspired by the French movie “La belle et la bête” {i.e. “The Beauty And The Beast”} from Jean COCTEAU.