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Star Box is a greatest hits album released by Dead or Alive in 1993 on Epic Records. It contains thirteen singles from their four prior albums, Youthquake, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, Nude and Fan the Flame (Part 1). For some reason the song "Give it Back (That Love is Mine)" was added, which in itself was never published as a single. And for some reason we just added a single from "Fan the Flame (Part 1)": "Your Sweetness Is Your Weakness", and "Gone 2 Long" and "Unhappy Birthday" were also added. This album was released only in Japan, and was never released in Europe and the United States in later years.

Track listing:[]

  1. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  2. In Too Deep
  3. Lover Come Back to Me
  4. My Heart Goes Bang
  5. Brand New Lover
  6. I'll Save You All My Kisses
  7. Son of a Gun
  8. Hooked on Love
  9. Turn Around and Count 2 Ten
  10. Give It Back (That Love is Mine)
  11. Come Home (With Me Baby)
  12. Baby Don't Say Goodbye
  13. Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)