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"The Right Stuff" it is the fifth song of the studio album "Nukleopatra" of 1995 from the english band Dead or Alive. It was written by Pete Burns, Steve Coy and Zenon Jameson.


Originally this song was written in 1990 and was presented under the title of "Sex" during the "Fan the Flame Tour" tour, this version was a rap style and sung along with James Hyde.

Apart from this, the song was to be owned by Pete Burns for his new project entitled "Pete Burns & The Sexy Assasins", included within a canceled album called "Getting Away With Murder" from 1993.

After the cancellation of "Fan the Flame (Part 2)", the song was restored and reworked with a danceable rhythm, later changed its name to "The Right Stuff" and included in the single "Rebel Rebel" of 1994 (under the name of "International Chrysis" and not as "Dead or Alive")

In the 1994 version a sample voice sounds shouting "WHY DON'T YOU DANCE WITH ME !?" and the words "Yeah" and "Party" (by Pete Burns) are repeated, the rest is normal as in the 1995 version with the chorus intact. The version included in "Nukleopatra" is totally different from the previous one, only those samples are excluded and replaced by normal lyrics.

For the sounds of the introduction of the song they were based on the theme "Dancing Through The Night" by artist Sharada House Gang.


  • Written by: Pete Burns/Steve Coy/Zenon Jameson
  • Published by: Burning Music
  • Composed by: Dead or Alive