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"Unhappy Birthday" is the last single from Fan the Flame (Part 1), the fifth studio album from the dance music band Dead or Alive (band). Released by Epic Records only in Japan in 1991.

"Total Stranger" was a B-side of this single. A promo video for "Total Stranger" was made but never released. It was to appear in the "Greatest Hits" that never came out.

A new version of this song was made for the 1995 "Nukleopatra" album, and is available only in the Japanese and South African edition of the album. In the North American edition of the album the "Ninja Billy Mix" is included, but under the name "12" Remix ". Also in the new edition of" Fan the Flame (Part 1) "inside the compilation box" Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI ", this version changes its name as" Heavy Metal Version ".


Japan 3" CD:

  1. Unhappy Birthday (Radio Edit)
  2.  Total Stranger (Total Remix) Mix title is uncredited; assigned by author
  3.  Unhappy Birthday (Ninja Billy Mix)

Compilation CD "Golden Mixes" (Volume 4) includes:

  1. Unhappy Birthday (Japan Edit) Edited from "Ninja Billy Mix"
  2. Total Stranger (Extended Remix)