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Message from Steve Coy to the Dead or Alive Official Fan Page on Facebook. A message send by Steve Coy to the administration of the DOA Facebook group Carlo Ottavi:

"Hi guys :) message from Steve Coy :

Hi Carlo I see a few comments about vinyl rips on the group page, some people saying that Demon Records may have used copies or 'rips' of our vinyl records for use as 'Masters' in the boxset! I am going to send you some pictures of my recording studio desk so everyone can see that I supplied my Original Digital Audio Tapes (DAT's) to Demon Records for the Masters included in the Boxset releases.
These were converted to high quality WAV Files and digitally re-mastered for the Boxset.
We control what is released, we deliver own our Masters, because guess what folks, we actually wrote, recorded, mixed and co-produced all of our records, and I took the Masters home with me, unlike some artists who were sent a tape from their record companies and told 'learn the vocals' lol! I could post a list of those names! Haha! But I'm far too professional
Just wanted to clear that up!

Love You All My Bristar Babies!


Steve Coy - Manager - Dead or Alive
faob - Pete Burns
Versatile Management Group IT
BRISTAR Records"

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Off course, Dead or Alive new music coming soon!!

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